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FAQs about Meteorite Rings

What is a meteorite ring?

A meteorite ring is made from metal sourced from actual meteorites that have fallen to Earth from space. The metal alloys come from nickel-iron meteorites and are then shaped into rings. They display a unique crystallized or patterned surface that comes from the extraterrestrial origins.

How rare are meteorite rings?

Meteorite rings are quite rare since the metal comes from meteorites, which are uncommon to begin with. Only a small percentage of meteorites are the iron-nickel type suitable for jewelry. The limited supply of this extraterrestrial material makes meteorite rings very exclusive accessories.

What are the benefits of a meteorite ring?

Meteorite rings offer a rare, exotic metal that comes from beyond our planet. The metallic crystal patterns are one-of-a-kind, making each ring distinctive. The nickel-iron alloys are also durable and resilient metals. Meteorite rings have a masculine, cosmic look.

Do meteorite rings have any special meaning?

Meteorite rings can hold symbolic meaning for some wearers. They represent the wonder of the cosmos and the mysteries of the universe. Some view them as a reminder to stay grounded yet always reach for the stars. Others are drawn to the metaphor of two souls colliding like the metals in the meteorite. The extraterrestrial material can also signify being an adventurous free-spirit.

Can meteorite rings rust?

Meteorite is prone to rusting or oxidation over time due to its high iron content. To prevent rust, the surface of the meteorite ring can be coated or sealed with a protective layer. This layer acts as a barrier to isolate the meteorite from air and water, effectively preventing oxidation (rust). Specialized care, like avoiding water and regularly oiling the meteorite, also protects against corrosion.
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